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redefining what the tech industry looks like!

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Who We Are

The Tech Bae Platform is an award nominated platform that aims to redefine what the tech industry looks like. Gatekeeping in the tech industry has meant that a lot of people have been denied and never felt enough to enter the industry.

By creating events, workshops and opportunities, the Tech Bae Platform focuses on the most underrepresented groups in the industry. Specifically black women and those who have no prior experience in tech.

We also highlight the issues within the sector and speak about the lack of diversity and inclusion within the industry.

What Marketing Leaders Are Investing in
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We are proud that we won the Tech Women 100 Award 2021!

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Previous Events

  • How to get into Tech Project Management
    Instagram live
    Find out how to get into tech project management with no previous experience!
  • Break into tech sales, UX design, Cybersecurity & Cloud
    Ever thought of a role in Cybersecurity, Tech sales, Cloud or UX design? Well join us now!
  • From no experience to business analyst
    20 August 2020
    Instagram Live
    20 August 2020
    Instagram Live
    Wonder how you can turn from no experience into your dream job? Then it's about time!
  • Secure your tech role at: Microsoft, Google & IBM
    Ever wondered how to secure your tech role at big companies?
  • Secure your role at Facebook, Amazon & Sky
    Tech event
    Find out how to secure your role at Facebook, Amazon & Sky!
  • Secure tech roles at Big 4 & Fintech companies
    8 March 2023
    Want to learn how to secure a role at a Big 4 tech company or a Fintech company? Then this event is for you by industry professionals!
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Inspiring the next set of tech professionals

The Tech Bae Reviews

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Event review

Hey, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and Jane for the breaking into tech episode. I don’t even know how, but I’m sure it was God’s plan for me to see it as I don’t ever remember signing up to your mailing list!
I’ve recently had a baby and was wondering what to get into as I’m no longer enjoying HR. I think I’ll use the next year or so researching and studying to possibly get into BA.
Again thank you so much and God bless. 

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