Women In Tech Salary Sheet

Women in the tech industry are significantly paid less. Here at The Tech Bae platform we advocate for salary transparency which is why we created this spreadsheet. Ladies add your salaries and ladies check what others are making

Women Colleagues

Upcoming opportunities

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On going

Microsoft training days

Microsoft host free training days for anyone wanting to get into cloud computing, power platform and dynamics 365.

Applications open September 2021

#1000BlackInterns sponsorship

If you identify as Black African, recent graduate (2018) and studying/studied a UK undergraduate programme you're eligible to apply for tech internships available !

10:30 AM

PrettyLittleThing X NorthCoder Apprenticeship

PLT X Northcoders have teamed up to offer a fully funded software engineering programme with no experience needed!

Currently open

Free Project management book

If you're interested in Project management then download this free downloadable PMBook


Job checklist

Have an upcoming tech job interview? Then use this resource to help you prep

2:30 PM

Dream Corp Scholarships

Dream corp is offering 400 scholarship funds to help people on their way into tech.


Projects (coming soon)

Here are some projects you can work collaboratively in groups to build on your technical skills

Building a smart miror

Using raspberry Pi learn how to build your own smart mirror!

Coming soon

Build a chatbot !

Want to improve on your python skills by learning how build your own chatbot

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