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The Tech Bae Team

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Charmaine Mabika

Founder and CEO of The Tech Bae

Charmaine is a quality assurance analyst, tech influencer and founder of the tech advocacy platform

Charmaine works for a global consulting firm that provides testing services to various corporate clients. She first started her journey after graduating in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience from the University of Westminster, after realising that she had a passion for artificial intelligence and the world of technology. 

Realising the lack of diversity in her industry, she set out to redefine what the tech industry looks like. This was after seeing the lack of representation of black women in the tech space, as well as the gatekeeping of the industry in general. She has done this by speaking at numerous inclusion events, hosting events, speaking on radio, blogs, mentoring, creating content and sending resources weekly to help others on their journey.

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Deborah Woghiren

Operations Specialist

Deborah is a business & integration senior analyst and STEM ambassador advocating for young people to get into the tech industry. Deborah is currently working for a global consulting firm who provide services for various corporate clients in industries such as finance, technology and Media etc… 

Prior to this, Deborah was on a 2-year graduate technology programme at one of the UK’s largest telecommunications firms, leading in various network and software deliveries. Deborah first started her career in tech by studying part-time computing and information systems at the University of West London, where she was able to showcase her passion for technology.

Deborah has always been motivated to encourage young women. Especially those from a similar background as her are to achieve their dreams of getting into the technology world. Her motivation began after achieving a degree through a completely different channel from her peers due to social barriers, which some may still be experiencing today.

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