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Women In Technology

Women are underrepresented in the tech industry. So here at the Tech bae platform, we are trying to bridge this gap. Figures show that only 26% of women work in computing related roles. Only 3% of computing related roles are held by black women. See figures here on the disparity depending on countries. See below for how we cultivate, inspire and are actively changing what the industry looks like.

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Our founder Charmaine collaborated with Mobolise by MOBO Awards to advertise their new platform, promoting diverse recruiting companies.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Women in tech salary spreadsheet

Women in the tech industry are always underpaid and often undervalued, which is why we created the anonymous salary spreadsheet. This spreadsheet consists of women stating their salaries and industry to inspire other women in the industry.


Tech Two X interview with Charmaine

Our founder Charmaine Mabika is speaking at this years Women In Technology World Series Online Festival! She is speaking on:

- How to ensure that technology is representative of the what society looks like.

- What to do when technology isn't representative or inclusive.

- Who needs to be involved to shape what the future of technology looks like.

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Tech Two X interview with Charmaine

Charmaine was interviewed with Tech Two on her experience on being a woman in the tech industry.


International Women's Day Spotlight Charmaine Xuntos

Charmaine spoke on her contributions to tech and her advice on anyone getting into tech.


Engineering Gals Women in STEM

Charmaine spoke on her journey as a black women in STEM, and her hopes for the future of the industry.


Customer Service Call

Charmaine sat down with Bridge the Gap in tech to speak about her journey creating her platform.

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Women in IT Awards

Charmaine was nominated and shortlisted for the Women in IT Awards as the woman advocate of the year for this platform!


AD talent X Femme revamp interview

Charmaine sat down with AD talent and Femme Revamp, speaking on being a tech advocate and her experience working in STEM.

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