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/ Q: Titanium Mobile - Handling cancelled network requests I'm working on a Titanium Mobile app which makes network requests asynchronously. This is so far fine, except if I cancel a request, which is done by the listener. I set the listener to cancel when the request is cancelled. That works perfectly fine. But the problem is, if the user clicks on a button, or something similar, which makes a request and cancels it, it will fire the listener (and cancel the network request). Which is not what I want. I want to fire the listener after the network request is done. Is there a way to do this, without manually checking when to fire the listener or change the network request callback? A: Use the request.addListener (or the Request methods like addEventListener) to remove any listeners that you do not need. Ti.App.addEventListener('',function(e) { if('request' && == ''){ //do whatever you need to } }); Once the request is finished, you can use removeListener. This article is more than 3 years old Donald Trump is the “mainstream candidate” – but not the “most mainstream” – Republican frontrunner in the United States, according to a YouGov survey of voters. Trump – who shares many of Bernie Sanders’s leftwing policies, including a call for the country to unite as one “under God” – is on 26% of the vote and could win up to 35 states. Meanwhile, the Kentucky senator, Hillary Clinton, has surged to a three-point lead and is seen as “the most mainstream candidate” by 19% of those polled. Asked who is the “most mainstream candidate”, Clinton (19%) beats the Texan Ted Cruz (14%), the former Florida governor Jeb Bush (13%) and Ohio governor John Kasich (11%). Trump (26%) is also more mainstream than the senators Marco Rubio (16%) and Rand Paul (12%) and House speaker Paul Ryan (5%). Cruz has also posted a surge in support over the last few days, and is the most viable alternative to



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